Video Content Analysis with Kivi

Der Bildschirmausschnitt zeigt die Kodieroberfläche.
The screen shot shows the annotation window.

We were looking for a possibility to annotate television news and to process the data in statistic software like SPSS or R. Existing applications did not fulfill the requirements because these were not tailored to the needs of communication scientists. These software packages did not neither support a detailed and precise annotation, nor the necessary data export interfaces.

In order to meet the requirements of our research project, I developed Kivi. Kivi is a video annotation software for news media, movies, or any other type of footage. It permits the annotation of video segments and the marking of areas in single video frames. The software supports an annotation with the help of pre-defined questionnaires. Kivi is a web application based on Postgresql, PHP, Zend Framework and ExtJS. It may be used by multiple users from different places at the same time. Annotated videos can be searched and the can be exported and analyzed in external applications. The system that is maintained at the Jacobs University contains currently 313 videos with a total running time of about 70 hours. More than 36,000 video segments have been coded with more than 91,000 annotations. 21 users code videos or access the data.

Kivi is open source software. It is available under . A demo version can be found under

The screen shot shows the search panel.
The screen shot shows the search panel.

Müller, J. & Kohler, T. & Ludes, P. (2010) Computer-based content analysis of television footage from four countries: Coding technique and intercoder reliability testing. Paper presented at the Pre-conference to the 3rd European Communication Conference, Bremen.